RHI Offers Transparent Pricing

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Residential Home Inspection offers tiered pricing based on square footage so that all sellers, buyers and agents can have an opportunity to work with us. We are transparent about our pricing, because we believe in doing business honestly at all levels of the process. You will never be surprised by a bill from RHI. 

Transparency in Pricing

Residential Home Inspection (RHI) offers a transparent approach in pricing. We know that the purchase of a new home, or sale of a well-loved one can be stressful, and we don’t want to add to that stress. Our transparent pricing reflects a thoroughness in reporting and gives buyers and sellers a great deal of value for their hard-earned dollar.

RHI's pricing is based on many factors, the two most relevant are the size of the home and the age of the home. We may be a bit higher than some and probably lower than others but will assure you get the very best effort when inspecting your property. 

RHI inspects one home per inspector per day, YOURS. 

Inspection Pricing

  • Under 2,000 sq. ft. $235.50

  • To 2,500 sq. ft.  $287.50

  • To 3,500 sq. ft.  $335.10

  • To 4,500 sq. ft.  $385.90

  • To 5,500 sq. ft.  $437.70

  • Above 5,500 sq ft. $487.50

  • Sq footage includes basement sq footage for total

Ala Carte Services Pricing

  • Radon Testing with Inspection, 48 hour testing, $115

  • Radon Testing Stand alone, 48 hour testing, $145

  • Mold Testing with Inspection, includes at least 3 samples $165

  • Mold Testing Stand Alone Visual Inspection, includes at least 3 samples $190

  • Additional Samples $45.00

  • ERMI for Mold testing $375.00……………..With inspection $325.00

  • Domestic Water quality testing $200.00………..Well water, E. coli. - Coliform $165.00

  • Irrigation Suitability & Soil test packages $85.00 to $200.00

  • Additional Furnace, Hot Water Heater or HVAC compressor, $35.00 each

  • Sewer Scope $139.00


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