Home Inspection Reports

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Any residential home inspection should come with a thorough report that is clear and easy to understand with organization you can follow, and color photos to highlight particular areas of interest. This blog provides a quick overview of what's included in a home inspection report and shares some best practices to look out for when deciding on a Certified Home Inspector. 

Advanced Reports Require Advanced Software

If an inspector offers a hand-written checklist, turn and run. Checklists are just that, a report that has certain features checked off and may not have even been looked at. An advanced report needs to have advanced reporting software. A report of this nature is usually at around 40 pages of descriptions of condition and concern. 

Your report should include a sentence or paragraph about how serious the condition is and potential ramifications of any issues found. Recommendations and color pictures should also be provided to further clarify any defect or concern. Since this is a digital report and essentially accomplished on-site, the customer should be able to get a copy of that report shortly after the inspection.