Colorado Home Inspections


In many states in the Union, it is required to have a state issued license to inspect a home. This is not so in Colorado. However, it is very important that any inspector you choose is certified by a reputable association.  InterNACHI is the foremost authority in the industry when it comes to the Inspection Standards of Practice (SOP) adopted in the industry by many other inspection entities. Prior to the mid-1970's the industry had no standard policies, procedures or guidelines and really no oversight or licensing.

Consumer Awareness

More important now than ever, it is essential to make sure your residential home inspector is certified and affiliated with an inspection organization. It's not smart to have a handyman or Uncle Fred take a look, because without training they are likely to miss something that will be very costly into the future. If the inspector is not trained, they're just looking around without much purpose. Home inspectors are not experts in every aspect of a home but are trained to identify conditions that may require a specialist. Whether having a home inspected in Colorado, or elsewhere, training is essential.


Inspectors certified by InterNACHI are expected to abide by the established Code of Ethics. There are many guidelines but several of the most important are keeping the public trust, be fair, be honest, and act in good faith at all times. Your Colorado home inspector should not discriminate on the basis of religion, color, race, sexual orientation, national origin, gender or handicap. 

Colorado Inspections

In general, the residential home inspections in Colorado are similar to most parts of the country. However, on the occasion when there is snow present of roofs, and the grounds in general the inspector has to make sure the parties know these items could not be inspected in full.